[Howard Zinn raw #61: Zinn and several others discuss the changing media landscape, especially film]

Panel discussion at Vermont International Film Festival with Howard Zinn, David Dellinger, Jay Craven, Lenny Weinglass, Jim Jones, Linda Blair.

0:05Copy video clip URL Shaky footage of Howard Zinn standing and talking to different people before a panel discussion starts. They set up his microphone, and various audience members greet him as they come in. 

4:25Copy video clip URL A man starts the discussion. He introduces each of the speakers. He speaks about Zinn’s past achievements, and the projects he currently has in the works. Other speakers include Leonard Weinglass, Jeff Jones, Gwenda Blair, and Dave Dellinger. 

12:30Copy video clip URL Zinn talks about some of his opinions concerning film, and the value of political films. He discusses his interest in the history of labor struggles. He talks about the relationship between film, labor work, and war. He says that the power and talent to create these kinds of film exists, people just need to push for their production.

22:00Copy video clip URL Audience members ask questions and comment on the topics that Zinn brought up, and different panel members respond. This includes media corporations and specific labor movements. Zinn talks a bit about Apocalypse Now.

34:26Copy video clip URL Another panelist talks about the Brink’s 1981 bank robbery in New York. Zinn takes notes, and asks about the media around the story and the trial of Kathy Boudin.

40:50Copy video clip URL Blair and other panelists talk about being media workers. One panelist also discusses extensively 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan and the way that these events are covered by the media. 

53:30Copy video clip URL They also discuss the anthrax incident, and the way it was handled within the CBS corporation. 

56:35Copy video clip URL Dennis Brutus talks about media in South Africa when 9/11 happened. He talks the way that media and technology has changed the way the world works. 

1:02:34Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 

[Continued in Tape 19558]



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