Image Union, episode 0724: Commercialfest 1984

Image Union episode featuring the year's best commercials, 1984.

0:00Copy video clip URL Slate.

0:28Copy video clip URL Image Union opening. Creative commercials, winners of the 1984 U.S. Television and Radio Commercial Festival.

1:24Copy video clip URL Images of babies on conveyor belt. If it were so, Clark’s job of shoe fitting would be much easier. But Clark’s children are individuals.

1:53Copy video clip URL Rowntree’s Jelly. Happy kids and bright gelatin shapes wobble and bounce to happy music.

2:21Copy video clip URL Smiths Crisps. Animated potatoes won’t come out of ground for regular potato picker. They “want to be Smith’s Crisps.”

3:01Copy video clip URL Addis Housewares. Man admires mop like it’s a work of art.

3:29Copy video clip URL Man serenades his love loudly from courtyard, neighbors become upset. Send a Valentine’s card via Australia Post instead.

4:13Copy video clip URL Dr. Scholls. Dog smells stinky shoes. “Because everybody’s sneakers get a little woofy.”

4:43Copy video clip URL Telecom. Cowboys and Indians at war, phone rings. Reinforcements are coming.

5:22Copy video clip URL Anti-smoking ad. Pretty girl ages rapidly as she smokes.

6:00Copy video clip URL Animated King of Diamonds shaves himself to look like a Jack to help poker player who’s drinking Heineken.

6:30Copy video clip URL King Gee Trousers. “If they were any tougher, they’d rust.”

7:00Copy video clip URL Appealing images of chocolate accompanied by jazzy choral music. “Cadbury. The perfect word for Chocolate.”

7:41Copy video clip URL Wheel falls off driving vehicle, sets off elaborate chain of events. AAMI pays for all the damages your car causes.

8:34Copy video clip URL Intimidating images of police cars coming down a road. Don’t drink and drive in MA. There are more of us than there are of you. “The party’s over.”

9:01Copy video clip URL Old footage of cowboys made to dance to funky rap type music. Watch Cowboy Funk.

9:31Copy video clip URL “Health stop–your minor disaster area.”

9:56Copy video clip URL Famous musicians appear for “Friday night videos.” “What the youth of America are coming to.”

11:00Copy video clip URL Upbeat people party and sing “This Bud’s for you.” Performed by Oingo Boingo.

12:08Copy video clip URL Levi’s Cords. Appealing images of appealing women in Levi’s.

12:37Copy video clip URL Music video for Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.” is combined with shots of Nike products. “Nike. This Summer.”

13:36Copy video clip URL Athletic female hurls shotput at screen with man droning on about the ideal person in 1984-ish scene. “Macintosh. Why 1984 won’t be like 1984.”

14:37Copy video clip URL Characters inside 3-D movie throw cans of Budweiser to theater audience. “This Bud’s for you.”

15:08Copy video clip URL “Some of the best beer bellies in America.” Images of attractive abs. “Brought to you by Pabst Blue Ribbon Light.”

15:37Copy video clip URL California Cheese. Appealing shots of cheese. “Say Cheese.”

16:07Copy video clip URL Appealing shots of dairy products with lively song.

16:37Copy video clip URL Pepsi. Man struggles with horse. Boy drinks Pepsi, tames horse.

18:07Copy video clip URL Divers , country scenes, other serene images. Travel Ontario.

19:07Copy video clip URL Illinois Bell. Man rushes through emergency room to call mother (who is on the other line) to tell her “it’s a boy.” “The important calls will always get through.”

19:37Copy video clip URL Marines. “Looking for a few good men…” Ad likens man to steel.

20:37Copy video clip URL Apple. “Business as usual isn’t anymore.” The most advanced PCs.

21:37Copy video clip URL Man goes after beautiful woman in park. She litters and literally looks like a pig to him. “Litter. It makes us all look like pigs.”

22:07Copy video clip URL Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Kids get messy in mud with garden hose. Father takes a photo instead of getting angry.

22:37Copy video clip URL Car crash sounds to glasses of alcohol toasting. “Drinking and driving kills friendships.”

23:07Copy video clip URL Screwdriver goes through hell, still is fine. Mastercraft Tools from Canadian Tire.

24:08Copy video clip URL Image Union closing with “Media Burn” footage by Ant Farm.

25:15Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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