Image Union, episode 0425

Compilation episode of Image Union featuring "The Space Cadets" by Heather McAdams, "The Cough" by Teddy Dibble, "Duet for Tap and Galoshes" by Laurie McDonald, "City Slickers" by Rufus Butler Seder, and "Sunstone" by Ed Emshwiller.

00:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

01:03Copy video clip URL “The Space Cadets” by Heather McAdams. B&W film. A comic short about space cadets training in a space academy. It was made using various audio and film clips from old newsreels, and movies.

05:09Copy video clip URL “The Cough” by Teddy Dibble. Color video. A comedic short in which an actor or voice-over artist coughs repeatedly while an offscreen director shouts instructions.

08:38Copy video clip URL “Duet for Tap and Galoshes” by Laurie McDonald. Color video. Two feet, seen in closeup, tap dance.

11:15Copy video clip URL “City Slickers” by Rufus Butler Seder. B&W film. A highly stylized, low-key scene set within the nightlife of a big city. Uses multiple superimpositions and optical printing techniques to bolster its fantasy mood.

19:23Copy video clip URL “Sunstone” by Ed Emshwiller. Color video. A piece of computer animation in which a face grows a third eye.

22:23Copy video clip URL Tape about gender questions of unknown source. B&W film. A comedic film in that examines issues of sexuality and gender. It is made up of clips from newsreels, and educational films.

26:28Copy video clip URL Animated piece by Heather McAdams. A comedic short using scratch animation over a film clip of Clifford L. Alexander, Jr., The Secretary of the Army.

28:52Copy video clip URL Image Union end credits.


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  1. Erick Rosales says:

    ending voice-over is Marty Robinson

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