Image Union, episode 0209: Space And Video

Image Union episode "Space and Video" featuring "Reflection" by David Hoffman, :The Ballad of Captain Video" by The Video Brothers, "Yo Yo the Clone," by Lillian and J.P. Somersaulter, and "Dog License" by Paul Jessel and Bill Langdon.

0:00Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

1:00Copy video clip URL Reflections by David Hoffman. Color film. NASA footage of Apollo Nine launch on March 3, 1969, with voice over taken from astronaut Rusty Schweickart’s reflections on the trip. Read by Peter Thomas.

17:13Copy video clip URL Sneak preview for The Ballad of Captain Video by The Video Brothers. Color video. Experimental video piece that pays tribute to the old television character.

21:35Copy video clip URL Yo Yo The Clone by Lillian and J.P. Somersaulter. Vibrant red and orange cartoon where a man onstage does various shocking yo-yo tricks. His alchemy backfires when the yo-yo creates a replica of himself. The audience goes wild.

25:10Copy video clip URL “Dog License” by Paul Jessel and Bill Langdon. Animated. One dog eats another dog. Another dog eats that one, etc.

26:30Copy video clip URL End credits.



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