Woodstock Tonite: Disco Enduro

Reporter Isaac Abrams interviews Magic Markie, a Woodstock DJ who had just set a record for the longest continuous radio broadcast. Abrams then goofs around in a supermarket.

00:40Copy video clip URL Introduction from reporter Isaac Abrams to Magic Markie, who has spent the past 27 days straight broadcasting over the radio, sleeping no more than 20 minutes at a time during that period. Having already broken the record for continuous broadcasting, he plans to go for another six days for a total of 33 1/3 days on the air, and then possibly continue on for 45 days total. 

01:40Copy video clip URL Not taking any stimulants or anything else to help him stay awake. Jokes about drug testing. Not leaving the booth for more than 20 minutes at a time. Discussion of decor in the booth, including a Star Trek toy of a Klingon space ship. 

02:47Copy video clip URL Responding to claims of cheating. 

04:34Copy video clip URL Being coy about romantic encounters during the broadcast. 

06:15Copy video clip URL Disco music being better for dancing than live bands. Vitamins and ginseng that he’s been consuming since the start of the broadcast. 

07:50Copy video clip URL Chatting about women and about other endurance records. Signing off. 

10:24Copy video clip URL Reporting from the Grand Union in Woodstock. The reporter introduces Miss Wagner who is joining him in entering a grocery store. They goof around in the market.

11:56Copy video clip URL Interview with an employee. Sound from TV commercials plays over footage of them goofing around and talking to employees and customers. 

16:21Copy video clip URL A proposal that “every Thursday night we all come to the supermarket here… Bring your instruments. Bring your flutes. Bring your conga drums. 9 o’clock, Thursday nights. Air conditioned. Plenty to eat. No one’s gonna bother you. Cold beer in the fridge. Cookies, triskets, cheese, everything. Beautiful native girls to wheel you around. And we can turn this supermarket, man, from a fluorescent air-conditioned nightmare into a paradise on earth if we’ve got the guts. And I think Woodstock is the kind of town that’s got the guts. ‘Night!”

17:19Copy video clip URL End credits over audio from Sesame Street. Staff: Mark Anderson, Jon Berg, Tobe Carey, Phil Demtrion, Gary Hill, Ken Marsh, Barbara Navy. Wall Hangings: Kay Disbrow. Plants: The Greenery. Stained Glass: Paul Greenfield. Sculpture: Gary Hill. A production of Channel 6 with assistance from WCV. Woodstock Tonight. 

17:44Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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