A documentary about the all-female rock band Isis, featuring Carol MacDonald, Ginger Bianco, Suzi Ghezzi, Stella Bass, Lolly Bienenfield, Liberty Mata, and Lauren Draper.

00:03Copy video clip URL Images from the early history of rock and roll, accompanied by Goldie & The Gingerbreads’ version of “Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat.” Carol MacDonald and Ginger Bianco, previously of that band and now in Isis, discuss that song and their previous band and the formation of Isis. 

02:01Copy video clip URL Trombonist and vocalist Lolly Bienenfield talks about her enthusiasm for music as a child.

02:27Copy video clip URL Flutist and vocalist Jeanie Fineberg talks about the ways that instruments are coded as masculine or feminine for children. 

03:09Copy video clip URL Percussionist Liberty Mata talks about her mother’s and grandmother’s support for her career as a professional musician: “My mom loves it. My grandmother loves it. The rest of the family I don’t talk to.” 

03:25Copy video clip URL Bassist and vocalist Stella Bass discusses learning guitar from her husband and her realization that she preferred “the heavy sound” of the bass. 

03:57Copy video clip URL Suzi Ghezzi discusses being invited to form a band with members of Goldie & the Gingerbreads, and the idea of an all-female rock band being almost shocking. Her time in The Female Beatles. 

04:51Copy video clip URL Trumpeter, french horn player, and vocalist Lauren Draper discusses coming to rock and jazz styles from a classical background. 

06:12Copy video clip URL Drummer Ginger Bianco discusses her mom’s anxieties about her joining a rock band. 

06:33Copy video clip URL Carol MacDonald, guitarist and lead vocalist, talks about her early history as a singer and musician, including her female guitar teacher. Coming to New York and performing for the first time. 

07:45Copy video clip URL Isis plays “Waiting for the Sonrise,” the lead track on their debut album. 

11:28Copy video clip URL MacDonald discusses the lyrics she writes for Isis. Audiences not listening closely. 

11:56Copy video clip URL A rehearsal in New York City on January 17, 1974. Bianco and MacDonald discuss religious influences on their music. 

13:09Copy video clip URL Ghezzi discuses her guitar style and what she gains from her. Bienenfield talks about being in an all-female group meaning that they don’t hold each other back or make each other uptight. Mutual support. Bass compares being in Isis to playing with her husband’s band. 

14:36Copy video clip URL The band rehearses “Do the Football.” 

15:17Copy video clip URL The band talks about “groupies” and fans. 

16:52Copy video clip URL Draper, Bienenfield, MacDonald, and other members of the band talk about image and clothes, and needing to feel comfortable performing. 

20:01Copy video clip URL MacDonald discusses insulting compliments telling her she was “good for a girl,” and how Isis doesn’t receive that same kind of misogynistic condescension. 

20:13Copy video clip URL Isis plays “Servant Saviour.” End credits: “Isis. Copyright 1974. Women’s Interart Center. Conceived and produced as a workshop project of the Women’s Interart Center, New York City. The Workshop: Claire Badarocco, Cathy Creany, Mark Giles, Eva Gottlieb, Maryse Holder, Gloria Schultz, Sandy Varga. Edited by Cathy Creany, Susan Milano, Sandy Varga. Workshop Director: Susan Milano. “Can’t You Hear My Heart Beat” Carter-Lewis, “Servant Saviour” – C. MacDonald, G. Bianco, “Bitter Sweet” – C. MacDonald, “Do the Football” – S. Bass, “April Fool” – J. Fineberg, “Waiting for the Sonrise” – C. MacDonald. Special thanks to Luis Perez, Ron Gittman, MERC, NY State Council on the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, Buddah [sic] Records.



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