[Jane Byrne spots]

Ten 30-second mayoral campaign spots for the 1983 incumbent Jane Byrne.

0:00Copy video clip URL “The Road Back”: A voice-over talks about Jane Byrne’s financial triumphs for the Chicago

1:07Copy video clip URL “New York”: Voice-over talks about the debts of other major American cities, compared to the balanced budget of Chicago

1:43Copy video clip URL “Tough Job”: Byrne talks to the viewer about her learning through mistakes

2:19Copy video clip URL “We Need Her Again”: People on the street talk about Byrne

2:53Copy video clip URL “Bio”: Byrne talks about taking care of her child on her own after the death of her husband, and how this has taught her to be strong.

3:59Copy video clip URL “Done”: Scrolling text on the screen talks about how “Richie Daley’s” financial plan has already been carried out by Byrne

4:36Copy video clip URL “Style”: Addresses comments that she is too aggressive by claiming Chicago needs an aggressive leader

5:13Copy video clip URL “Real Issues”: Implores Richie Daley to get down to the real issues

5:49Copy video clip URL “Don’t See Often”: Claims about the “FACTS” of Chicago

6:26Copy video clip URL “Tough Campaign”: Byrne speaks directly to the camera about needing to be tough to keep Chicago alive

7:09Copy video clip URL End



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