[Interview with Jerry Wapner 2]

A conversation with Woodstock-based lawyer, land developer, and activist Jerry Wapner.

00:22Copy video clip URL An interview with lawyer Jerry Wapner about land development. The interviewer has a beard and long hair. Wapner describes his process of learning about land development. 

02:12Copy video clip URL The knowledge required to be a land developer. The lasting damage of poor land development. The need for both intelligence and ethic. 

04:17Copy video clip URL Wapner’s relationship to the land and to the economy.

06:15Copy video clip URL Plans for the future, including working as an environmentalist. Needing to slow building generally for the sake of the environment. 

09:15Copy video clip URL Difficulties balancing the economic needs of the community and the preservation of the environment. Problems with overpopulation and irrational behavior. 

11:50Copy video clip URL Searching for economic base that would provide jobs for the community. The industries providing jobs within the community and the need for people to remain “agile” in the area as industries change rapidly. 

15:02Copy video clip URL Being fortunate to live in a “semi-rural area” like Woodstock. What’s required to help the people in need of work in the area. Anxiety over new demands on workers needing to keep up with the local and national economy. 

18:14Copy video clip URL The relationship between risk and renewal, and the benefits of the area being “a hard place.” 





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