[Dadaday! #3]

Footage from "Dadaday!," a celebration of the Dada art movement on its 60th anniversary, in Buffalo, NY. Including performances by Sally Rubin, Eberhard Blum, Jan Williams, and Donald Knaack. This tape features Blum performing Kurt Schwitters' Dadaist poem "Ursonate" and the burning of art in a "Dadastruction of Artworks" event.

00:43Copy video clip URL Eberhard Blum performs Kurt Schwitters’ “Ursonate” – continued from previous tape. 

05:08Copy video clip URL Blum completes his performance. The crowd cheers. 

05:26Copy video clip URL Footage of the “Dadastruction of Artworks” fire – described in advertisements as a  “DaDaRitual pyre to destroy pieces of ?ART?”



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