[Making It In Hollywood raw #10]

Raw footage for the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. More raw footage shot at actress Sally Kirkland's home. Kirkland and several of her actress friends discuss the difficulties of achieving success as an actor in Hollywood.

00:00Copy video clip URL A conversation between actresses about the difficulties of acting while making a living, especially in theater. Talk of the differences between New York – a theater city – and Los Angeles, and about theater director Ellen Stewart and theater producer Joe Papp. The technicalities of “equity” productions. A showcase production for one of the actresses that Norman Lear might attend that night. 

07:25Copy video clip URL “There’s going to be a theater scene, just like New York, ‘cuz all of New York’s coming out here. And the New York actor basically cannot STAND to be away from the stage for too long. So in the last two years, because of the New York people, they’re creating theaters out of storefronts. Susan Troell did a play in someone’s living room last year.” 

08:40Copy video clip URL Details of union costs and the logistics of transferring from one city to another. Grievances about how experience and union seniority does not factor into casting decisions. 

12:40Copy video clip URL How one actually does get cast, which is largely about knowing the right people. 

14:50Copy video clip URL The difficulties of the business and what else is required to obtain parts. What it’s like to go to auditions for 16 years and not get a major part. 

18:10Copy video clip URL A less-experienced actress espouses believing in yourself. Another discusses how she knows she has the talent but has not gotten cast. She’s had to change her name multiple times. 

20:50Copy video clip URL Thoughts about the need to adapt and adjust to succeed are countered with hard-luck stories about struggle. 



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