[Making It In Hollywood raw #59]

Raw footage for the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. A continuation of footage inside Schwab's drugstore where several actors are interviewed about their careers.

00:00Copy video clip URL The crew approaches a group of actors sitting together, asking them about the psychological aspects of acting, their individual careers, and money as an incentive, among other things. One actor discusses how Schwab’s drugstore acts as an “information exchange,” saying he learns much of his industry news there. Another says he’s “a nice guy,” but only gets cast as a “hood”; he goes on to say that he’s been “killed every way possible [on screen].” Another talks about how people in show business look down on actors. For the most part, all of them emphasize the importance of wanting to be a good actor, and not caring about monetary success.

22:26Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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