[Making It In Hollywood raw #67 & 68]

Raw footage from the 1976 documentary "Making It In Hollywood," which follows several actors as they attempt to break into the movie business. This tape features excerpts from "Making It" raw #67 & 68 that have been color corrected to partially remove greenish cast on the camera original. In these clips actor Robert Walden discusses how he prepares for certain roles, and how he discovered his love for acting.

00:05Copy video clip URL Actor Robert Walden discusses playing a character in the film Maxie. With very little depth in the script, he took inspiration for the character from a Van Gogh painting and the fake teeth and make-up job he gave the character. He talks about working on the TV movie The Hospital, for which he met with doctors to develop the character. He builds his characters from physical characteristics, staying attuned to the ways that fatigue or pain, or wearing certain kinds of glasses or having bad teeth, affect and shape the way a character would experience and interact with the world. 

07:28Copy video clip URL Walden discusses playing Donald Segretti in All the President’s Men, basing his character on traits he saw in the real life figure’s disingenuous grin in his interactions with press. 

10:47Copy video clip URL Assisting on an actual cardiac arrest and sewing up a man’s finger in a hospital while researching his role in The Hospital. Other stories from observing and participating in emergency medical care during his preparation for that role. 

18:12Copy video clip URL The perspective that comes from researching a part, from “hillbillies” to corporate lawyers.

19:12Copy video clip URL The wide range of shoes that he wears to help get in the proper mindset for a part. The importance of costume. 

23:20Copy video clip URL Rubbing dog feces on his pants and shoes to play a drug addict in the TV show Police Woman

25:14Copy video clip URL Walden’s first time on stage, at the age of 4. Acting for fun as a child and continuing to act out of love of acting. 

29:51Copy video clip URL End of tape. 



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