[Image Processing footage: Stairs, Worms]

Image processing experiments applying different techniques to manipulate and distort video footage.

00:09Copy video clip URL A rapid series of shots of a young woman running up and down stairs in a public building and onto a roof. 

01:29Copy video clip URL A shot of worms. The shot is tinted pink. The shot rapidly irises in and out with a darker shade of pink. 

03:10Copy video clip URL Another shot of worms, superimposed with a shot of tangled rope. Playing with a toy near the worms. 

04:49Copy video clip URL A ladder. The image darkens and electronic text appears onscreen, filling the frame as the background image slowly transforms into a photonegative. Other image processing and post-production techniques darkening and lightening the background. 

18:54Copy video clip URL A man sits in a chair in a TV studio pre-taping introductions for a news/chat show called Grub Street, reading out loud about books. Poor image quality – excessive tracking issues. He introduces the guests: Mimi Jones, the fiction editor of Redbook, and Nancy Jones, a creative writing student. 

21:23Copy video clip URL More processed images of the ladder with onscreen text. A young woman climbs the ladder and dances around on it. The camera follows her movement and the image gets increasingly abstract. Tangerine Dreams’ “Mojave Plan (Desert Part)” plays on the soundtrack. 

30:05Copy video clip URL Return to the footage of the man in the TV studio, who introduces a segment “taking a look at Proust’s longest sentence, an occasion that will stir up quite a bit of interest I’m sure.” He does multiple takes. 



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