[Mexican Art Gallery – Green Card lottery winner]

This video shows a Mexican art gallery in Los Angeles which exhibits the works of a family of artists who live in Mexico City. Several generations of the Linares family continue the tradition of Pedro Linares, who created alebrijes, with are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures. Later in the video is a separate segment featuring a brief interview with an immigrant who was a winner of the green card lottery, who speaks mostly about her time in this country as an immigrant.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on a store front, probably the exterior of the art gallery. The quality is extremely poor in the beginning. There are pieces of folk art on display, including stylized skeletons. A sign reads “Linares – three generations of master folk artists.” There are several film industry inspired skeletons within the shop itself. Judith Binder, the videomaker, begins trying to talk with one of the artists but she only speaks Spanish. Another woman, presumably the gallerist, comes out and speaks with Binder about some of the pieces, especially the Charlie Chaplin piece and the family who makes the pieces. Binder is taken to the back room studio and she sees some of the process of making the pieces. The woman from before talks about the different work of each member of the family, specifically about the patriarch of the entire family, Pedro Linares, and how he has his own pieces called alebrijes, which look a bit like dragons.

11:14Copy video clip URL Switch to footage of Gabriella who has just won the green card lottery. She talks about her husband and her experience as an immigrant to the United States.

18:32Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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