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  • Tom Chicago on Location

    Tom Chicago on Location

    The nom d’art ‘Tommy Chicago’ reflects independent filmmaker Tom Palazzolo’s unique status within the Chicago film community. Since 1967, Palazzolo has filtered all aspects of the Windy City through his audacious lens. This documentary captures the artist at work and play on his latest film: we see him engage street urchins in the service of his vision, teach his son that you CAN buy love, and drive cast and crew to the brink of artistic chaos. Colorful and fast-paced, the tape illuminates the vital interplay between Palazzolo’s brash personal style and his filmic art.

  • Why I Masturbate

  • Men Again, Version Two

    Men Again, Version Two

  • Anna, Helan – Bevs – Sax Remy John Fleck

    Anna, Helan – Bevs – Sax Remy John Fleck

    This video has several segments the first being a musical performance in what looks like a coffee shop. The second is a reading of a journal that was kept between the days of January 20 and 24 of 1991 by an Israeli-American living in Israel at the time of Saddam Hussein’s bombing of Israel in the Gulf War. The last two parts are of a bar in LA that is being threatened to be torn down and a friend of Binder, the filmmaker, chatting with her in his home and then performing for her there.

  • Ideas: Sandra Lowell – Tapdance; Tracy + Peter Wedding, etc.

    Ideas: Sandra Lowell – Tapdance; Tracy + Peter Wedding, etc.

    The first part of this video is a tapdancer performing several takes of a performance for the TV show, THE 90’s. The second and larger part of the video is footage of a Jewish family wedding in Sonoma, CA with several scenic shots sprinkled throughout.

  • Martín in the 14th

    Martín in the 14th

    This is a video detailing the election campaign of Martin Gutierrez-Ruiz who was running for the 14th district councilman of Los Angeles.

  • [Mexican Art Gallery – Green Card lottery winner]

    [Mexican Art Gallery – Green Card lottery winner]

    This video shows a Mexican art gallery in Los Angeles which exhibits the works of a family of artists who live in Mexico City. Several generations of the Linares family continue the tradition of Pedro Linares, who created alebrijes, with are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures. Later in the video is a separate segment featuring a brief interview with an immigrant who was a winner of the green card lottery, who speaks mostly about her time in this country as an immigrant.

  • John Coady #2

    John Coady #2

    WBBM News

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