Martín in the 14th

This is a video detailing the election campaign of Martin Gutierrez-Ruiz who was running for the 14th district councilman of Los Angeles.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on a street. A sign can be seen saying “Martín for the 14th.” Judith Binder enters the house of Martín Gutierrez-Ruiz, and she goes around the house talking to people. It is apparently the last day of the election and they are doing one last push for his election. She then talks with Gutierrez-Ruiz and follows him as he walks to specific houses which have not voted yet. He talks about voter turnout and how Latino votes count for more than one person because many Latino voters are not registered for one reason or another. Many consider it their civic duty to get people out to vote.

19:58Copy video clip URL Cut to shot of Gutierrez-Ruiz on the phone back at his house. Binder talks with several other people at Gutierrez-Ruiz’s house before the party starts.

24:19Copy video clip URL Binder talks with a woman about her run-in with a cop.

24:40Copy video clip URL Binder talks with Gutierrez-Ruiz and his field director. They talk about the goals of the campaign, which were to get rid of the incumbent and to establish a youth force.

27:52Copy video clip URL Gutierrez-Ruiz’s field director continues to talk to Binder later on in the day after a cut.

31:07Copy video clip URL Cut to what seems like Gutierrez-Ruiz’s backyard where Hispanic music is playing and people are dancing It is rather dark and thus difficult to see. Binder cuts between different shots including the kitchen of the house, the living room, and the dance floor. In the kitchen and the living room several people talk local and California politics.

44:21Copy video clip URL Switch to shots of TV to watch the results of the election. Binder continues talking to different people around the house and switching between shots of the various parts of the house.

1:07:19Copy video clip URL The results of the election are finally announced. Other districts are announced and then the 14th with the incumbent, Richard Alatoray, having 57% of the vote, and Martin Gutierrez-Ruiz having 16% of the vote. Binder shows a shot of Gutierrez-Ruiz. Soon after Gutierrez-Ruiz addresses the people at his party in his concession speech.

1:20:48Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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