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  • [Dump!]

    “Jody Procter. Raw Tapes.” Footage for “Garbage Mountain”/”L.A. Dump” by Nancy Cain. In Los Angeles, California, Jody Procter takes us on a tour of a garbage dump and shares his reverence for what is found there.

  • [The 90’s West for Show #203]

    Includes Hemp: Scenes from a Smoke-In (2:23), The Pope on Marijuana (1:58), Johnny Marijuana Seed: Seeding the Highway (:36), Build a House of Hemp (1:22), Medical Benefits (1:00), Fiber of Hemp (2:00), From Save the Whales to Ice Cream (1:18); The Dead Are Not Dead – Xylophone Man (2:05), Urine Test (3:22)

  • [Namibian Independence, 1990 and David Lifton/Best Evidence]

    “Newest Latest Namibia” (“Namibian Independence, 1990“) (6:45), originally broadcast on The 90s, and David Lifton/Best Evidence (6:45).

  • [90’s West: Getting Older]

    90’s West: Getting Older. Now I am Six (Christo’s Umbrellas) (Jay April, 4:08), Interview with Sam Shaffer (Judith Binder, 6:00), Bruhs & Gean, A Love Story (Esti Marpet, 5:18), Meg Carey Colors Her Hair (Tobe Carey, 2:30), Linda Burnham Goes Grey (Esti Galili Marpet, 2:21), he Phantom of North Park Place (Nancy Cain, 7:30)

  • [Breathing in LA, Paul’s Commercial]

    Master: Breathing in LA (Aron Ranen, 10:30), originally broadcast on The 90s #401, Paul’s Commercial

  • [Dub of Nancy’s Master Show #213]

    Short documentary segments by Nancy Cain, primarily broadcast as part of The 90s Episode #213. Other segments were broadcast on CamNet. It includes: interviews with social worker Kit Sibert about personal fulfillment; “Mountain Biker,” in which cyclist Greg Hodal pedals uphill; interviews with people on the street about happiness; “Barnaby the Clown,” a portrait of a contemporary clown at home; “Baseball City,” in which Jody Procter talks about Americans’ obsession with baseball; “The King and Di” [“Diane and the King”] by […]

  • [The 90s #401: Taking Chances]

    Episode 401 of the television show The 90s. 

  • [The Men of Nazareth’s Smoking Parlor, Beverly Hills, CA]

    A group of cigar smoking men rail against antismoking propaganda. “Where can a man smoke a cigar these days?” They reminisce about the elegant cigar smokers of old like Orson Wells, George Burns, Winston Churchill, etc. “It’s sad today, the public is learning that smoking is terrible for them. It’s a knee-jerk reaction. It’s just like Prohibition!” [???] Broadcast on The 90s, episode 211. 

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