Laurel Park Mall (11-29-1991)

Spend a day at Laurel Park Mall in its heyday!

0:03Copy video clip URL The footage begins with at least two people in a car with a video camera. 

0:24Copy video clip URL The footage transitions to a POV recording of someone entering the Laurel Park Mall – though there is no audio. 

1:33Copy video clip URL Audio for the footage can now be heard. 

1:54Copy video clip URL One of the people with the cameraman meets someone at a confectionary store in the mall. 

2:30Copy video clip URL The cameraman asks a female employee of the confectionary store what it’s like to work there. 

6:20Copy video clip URL A sign is shown at the confectionary store that says, “When the smell of chocolate comes your way, follow it back to Fannie May”. 

6:32Copy video clip URL The cameraman asks the man they met at the confectionary store earlier – who was revealed to be the store’s manager, what it’s like to work there. 

7:30Copy video clip URL A “Black and White” framed picture of the original “Fannie May Home Made Candies” location is shown. 

10:25Copy video clip URL A sharply dressed employee stands in front of the “Jacobson’s” suit store. 

10:29Copy video clip URL The sharply dressed employee, who states that he’s the store’s “doorman”, is interviewed by the cameraman. 

13:35Copy video clip URL The cameraman is approached by an extremely well-dressed and professional Security Guard – wearing nicely fitting dark grey trousers, along with a white dress shirt, black tie, and a black “commando sweater”.

13:38Copy video clip URL The aforementioned security guard mentions that the cameraman cannot film in the mall. 

13:41Copy video clip URL The footage transitions to the cameraman in front of another sharply dressed man, once again filming. 

13:49Copy video clip URL Another small business owner and/or store manager in the mall is interviewed about why they like the mall, and what it’s like working there. 

23:13Copy video clip URL An employee dressed like an American referee at “Foot Locker” is interviewed. 

25:09Copy video clip URL Santa Claus is shown taking a picture with two young girls who are presumably sisters, in a “Santa’s Village” mall setup.

27:20Copy video clip URL Two adolescent girls working at the “Santa’s Village” display are interviewed about what it’s like to work at the mall. 

30:30Copy video clip URL Two more adolescent girls are interviewed . 

33:52Copy video clip URL A further adolescent girl is interviewed. 

35:40Copy video clip URL The footage ends. 



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