Malls #2: Woodfield Mall (12-7-1991)

A camera crew interviews the denizens of Woodfield Mall!

0:01Copy video clip URL The program begins – but there is only audio at this point. 

0:33Copy video clip URL The program has video and audio beginning at this point. 

0:36Copy video clip URL A woman asks where a business called “Cambridge Dry Goods” is at Woodfield Mall. 

0:39Copy video clip URL An elderly woman tells the woman who asked about “Cambridge Dry Goods” that that business was no longer at Woodfield Mall. 

2:29Copy video clip URL A group of adolescent girls are interviewed about why they like the mall. 

7:57Copy video clip URL A father in a very nineteen-nineties jacket and his daughter are interviewed. 

14:08Copy video clip URL A man who owns a business within the mall is interviewed. 

18:26Copy video clip URL The elderly woman that was seen and mentioned before takes the camera crew who were conducting interviews on a tour of the mall. 

20:01Copy video clip URL A diagram entitled “The Woodfield Shopper” is shown. 

20:49Copy video clip URL The manager of Woodfield Mall is interviewed. 

29:17Copy video clip URL The program ends. 




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