[Michael Mixxin Moor raw #3: at KCRW #2]

Raw tape with hip hop pioneer Michael Mixxin Moor at radio station KCRW for his show "The Militant Mastermixx."

00:00Copy video clip URL Moor talks to the members of Compton’s Righteous in the studio. “As far as anger and hate go, anger and hate are two different things… I get a few calls every now and then, people don’t understand what I’m putting on the air…” He describes the commercial requirements of most radio stations (“That’s why you hear Luther Vandross over and over again”) and then concludes, “Then when I come on, Friday at 9:00, it’s just like 360.” He describes the origins of his show, saying the show suddenly expanded into its current level of politicism after the Rodney King beating.

04:54Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg asks who owns the station, and Moor says that Stevie Wonder does. “I have no respect for him. He’s a sellout.” After that, people seem to be just relaxing and talking casually and occasionally.

11:46Copy video clip URL Moor gets on the microphone as it is close to 2AM and his radio show is ending. The closing of the show is a montage of speaking clips, mostly about Clinton and Bush, before Moor speaks his closing. “Once again my brothers and sisters, remember, store up on your water, get your canned goods. And by the way, have you heard that chicken soup by Campbell’s has some glass in it?… I want to send some music out to our brothers and sisters over in the motherland in Somalia before I sign off.” Next week: the truth about Christmas. “We’ll let you know who was really born on December 25th.”

18:18Copy video clip URL Moor walking out of the studio with a large group of people. They stand around talking in the parking lot. Moor talks more about “getting the message out” and insults another African-American DJ for being too formal (he describes him as being like Carl Weathers?). “You got so many of those who ain’t really for the cause…”

24:03Copy video clip URL Tape cuts out. End of segment with Moor.

24:11Copy video clip URL Tape back. Tom shoots Skip Blumberg driving the car on the freeway in L.A. and asks him questions about his radio listening habits and traffic reports. They drive to the beach, (the “two dollar beach,” which Skip seems unhappy about) and the tape ends.



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