[Mike Royko moves to Chicago Tribune]

News segment on Mike Royko's switch from the Chicago Sun-Times to the Chicago Tribune following the acquisition of the Sun-Times by Rupert Murdoch.

00:00Copy video clip URL Video cuts in mid-shot of a news anchor announcing Mike Royko has written his first column in almost three weeks. The column will appear in the Chicago Tribune tomorrow, not the Sun Times. Royko has changed employers.

00:18  Journalist Jay Levine notes that Royko’s first article has been rushed to get printed before the Sun Times can file a law suit to prevent the publication. The topic of the article is Royko’s legal battles with Australian publisher Rupert Murdock.

00:34Copy video clip URL Interview with Royko who says his article is kind of a humorous look at the situation.

01:10Copy video clip URL Sun Times publisher Robert Page notes that the tribunes decision is illegally interfering with their business. We’ll take whatever legal steps are necessary to protect ourselves.

01:25Copy video clip URL Royko says he’s never heard of Page before all this and all of a sudden he’s hearing that the Sun Times is going to take him to court to prevent him from taking a new job.

01:51Copy video clip URL The reporter notes that many of Royko’s new colleagues jammed the news conference announcing the switch. Columnist Bob Greene says he thinks the switch is great for the Tribune.

02:09Copy video clip URL Sun Times staff held their own news conference. Sun Times religion editor Roy Larson sees the Tribune’s action as a coup. The Sun Times has suffered a prodigious loss.

02:24Copy video clip URL Levine notes that Tribune can beat any legal battle thrown their way. They say Royko can make the change because ownership of the Sun Times has just changed and a non-compete clause in his contract is unenforceable. The Sun Times says that Royko is under contract with them for 4 more years.

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