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Image processing footage produced by shooting off a monitor and layering and manipulating the images.

00:14Copy video clip URL A split screen of two different video cameras, one of them operated by videomaker Pat Lehman.

02:00Copy video clip URL Playing with the framing between the two images 

03:22Copy video clip URL Manipulating and distorting images filmed off a monitor. Increasingly abstract, colorful patterns and forms, created both in camera and through video effects. 

17:02Copy video clip URL Onscreen text: The Illusion of Mirage. Mirage… an optical effect that is sometimes seen at sea, in a desert or over hot pavement that may have the appearance of a pool of water. / … caused by the bending or reflection of rays of light by a layer of heated air of varying density. / … something illusory and unattainable. / Video images are the transformation of light into electronic impulses transformed back into light. 

18:16Copy video clip URL More abstract forms. Voiceover discussing mirage and illusion, two competing voices on the soundtrack. 

20:52Copy video clip URL Onscreen nonsense text briefly incorporated into the abstractions, including Greek characters.

44:05Copy video clip URL Hands, a pair of eyeglasses, held in front of the camera, the images abstracted, multiplied, and otherwise manipulated. Onscreen text: “Hands-On Video Art.” 

55:10Copy video clip URL Onscreen credit: Video Art brought to you by the Community College of Denver & United Cable TV. Followed by more abstractions. 




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