[Mrs. Reynolds]

A portrait of an elderly folk artist, Mrs. Reynolds who runs an arts and crafts store out of her garage.

00:36Copy video clip URL A garden and the exterior of a house. Conversations between an interviewer, Kathy Butterfield, and an elderly woman, Mrs. Reynolds. Mrs. Reynolds talks about her life and about making art for her shop. When Butterfield comments on her being very busy, Reynolds responds “I like to be. I want to die with my boots on. Do you think I might?”

03:301Copy video clip URL Reynolds discusses the buildings that used to stand on and near her property, including a glass factory, and the vegetables that are currently growing there. 

07:07Copy video clip URL Reynolds shows off her “shop” – quilts, pillows, and other crafts that she keeps in her garage. Discussion of individual crafts and techniques.

12:18Copy video clip URL Glass found on her property. Discussion of the glass factory, which closed down many decades earlier. 

14:50Copy video clip URL Reynolds talks about her apple trees. There had formerly been an orchard, but about forty years earlier a hurricane had destroyed most of the trees. 

15:56Copy video clip URL A trash can made from egg crates. A Winnie the Pooh ornament and other glass shapes made by Mrs. Reynolds. 

19:05Copy video clip URL Outside views of Mount Guardian. Discussion of the state’s taking of land, which preserves the land but also prevents it from being used. 

21:45Copy video clip URL Discussion of flowers and trees growing outside her house, including flower bushes that are more than a century old. 

23:15Copy video clip URL The house next door, owned by Mrs. Reynolds’ daughter. 



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