[Mylar in Apt / Bumper Junkyard / N.E. Statuary / Heins]

Footage of reflective surfaces and of garden statues, and home movies.

00:00Copy video clip URL Close-up footage of reflective/distorted surfaces from a car junkyard. 

03:08Copy video clip URL Playful footage with reflections in the junkyard. 

09:28Copy video clip URL Footage of a statuary for garden ornaments. Discarded/broken statues, new statues lined up in a storage yard. 

16:10Copy video clip URL Craftspeople working on statues. Pouring cement into molds, filing and sawing figures, polishing and wiping finished statues. 

20:02Copy video clip URL Footage of an abstract composition on a monitor. 

21:05Copy video clip URL Home movies. An elderly couple in their rural Colorado home, making dinner for their niece “Patty” (videomaker Pat Lehman). 



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