Nancy Cain’s Journal

Several segments produced by Nancy Cain: Street / At Home / Rita Ironing / Obscene Phone Call / Boone & Bredesen / Robbie Conal / TV Review / Bob Morton.

0:14Copy video clip URL Color bars.

0:27Copy video clip URL Cut to a series of people talking about Edwin Meese. Rather, no one is able to recognize a picture of him, but most find him familiar. Some are able to give information about Meese.

2:21Copy video clip URL Shot of a beach. Inside a bedroom. An alarm clock radio plays. Cain records herself in a mirror.

3:44Copy video clip URL Cain records from inside a room looking out through a window onto a road an hillside. She is in Southern California.

4:12Copy video clip URL Cut to a balloon which reads “Maria Juano.” A man on a megaphone organizes a march. Ed Asner is interviewed. Cain interviews a group of counter-protesters at the demonstration. One of them holds a sign that reads “Ed Asner supports terrorists.”

7:29Copy video clip URL In front of a group of protesters. They shout over the counter-protesters, who claim that Communism is the real problem. The pro-El Salvador protesters release balloons into the air.

9:29Copy video clip URL Rita irons.

10:29Copy video clip URL Cain shows Rita a lewd message left on her voice mail machine.

11:25Copy video clip URL Short segment on Pat Robertson.

12:27Copy video clip URL Interview with Robertson’s mentor when Robertson was at the Theological Seminary in New York City.

14:00Copy video clip URL Pat Boone and Reverend Harald Bredesen talk about praying with President Reagan and receiving a prophetic word from another member of the prayer group.

17:43Copy video clip URL The two walk through a park.

19:16Copy video clip URL Segment on people responding to a “Contra Diction” anti-Reagan poster. Cain interviews the artist. He speaks about the danger of this kind of political activism and shares an anecdote. Various other people respond to the posters.

23:02Copy video clip URL Cain speaks into the camera microphone. It’s the 19th of January. She does a television review. She speaks about Dan Rather and the Home Shopping Club.

24:47Copy video clip URL Outside The Raffles Restaurant. Inside, a group of men honor Bob Morton at a banquet. John Salazar begins the program. His friends and coworkers give him gifts.

29:12Copy video clip URL Morton speaks to the audience. He gives his thanks.

29:56Copy video clip URL Cain records Frank Sinatra singing “Auld Lang Syne” through a television. Ronald Reagan is in the audience.

29:59Copy video clip URL Credits.

31:34Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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  1. Rita X Stafford says:

    Splendid documentary proof that this all happened and we were there.

    We’ll always have Venice!

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