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A NBC Nightly News report about "Too Late For Me," a short film about gang violence made by students at Chicago's Robert Clemente High School, broadcast on WTTW's "Image Union."

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage from a NBC Nightly News report on John F. Kennedy’s assassination. 

01:09Copy video clip URL The start of a report on defective DC-10 planes. 

01:31Copy video clip URL Footage from Too Late For Me, a short film about gang violence made by students at Chicago’s Roberto Clemente High School, with narration from reporter Norma Quarles. Images of the student filmmakers and the high school. 

02:00Copy video clip URL Steven Negron, the film’s art director, is interviewed: “It will make the people realize what trouble there is in gangs ahead. If they join a gang they will realize what’s ahead of them.” The narrator discusses the death and violence that has been experienced by the student filmmakers. 

02:30Copy video clip URL Bill Alvelo, the film’s director, is interviewed: “Being in a gang will not achieve anything but maybe death in the family, death of one’s friends, or himself.”  

02:39Copy video clip URL Interview with Eric David, student actor: “See the movie is “too late for me.” We don’t want them to wait until it’s too late for them to get out of it. They should get out of it now.” 

02:51Copy video clip URL Conclusion from Quarles over footage from Too Late for Me.




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