Newshour: Guantanamo detainees to go to Michigan?

News story concerning the move of Guantanamo prisoners to a facility in Standish, MI. Includes interviews with citizens and town officials, as well as footage from a town meeting.

0:00Copy video clip URL Jim Lehrer introduces the segment: a look into the reactions of a Michigan town to Guantanamo detainees being moved to a local prision.

0:21Copy video clip URL Shot of the inside of a cafe in Standish, Michigan. A voice over from Elizabeth Brackett gives a bit more background on the subject.

0:54Copy video clip URL Mike Hinton thinks that turning Standish Max into a federal facility would be good for Standish’s economy. Cindy Hinton agrees, and claims she is not worried about safety issues.

1:40Copy video clip URL Brackett elaborates on the economic decline in Standish, hit by the evaporation of the auto industry. Kevin King, Mayor of Standish, specifies why keeping the prison open is a good thing for the economy of Standish.

2:27Copy video clip URL Further statistics concerning the employees of Standish Max. Mayor King shares that the federal employees who came to look things over left with high opinions of the facility.

3:12Copy video clip URL Footage of other prisons that the federal government is considering for the detainees. Tim Moore, State Representative, claims that the community would welcome turning Standish Max into a federal facility.

4:07Copy video clip URL Jan Ex, a woman who lives across from the prison, shares her distaste for the idea. “It bothers me, it bothers me a lot.”

5:07Copy video clip URL Footage of speakers at a town meeting. Angela Tomcyzk, a community member, voices her concerns at the town meeting. Peter Hoekstra agrees. Jean Nixon is concerned as to whether anyone is taking their opinions into consideration.

6:20Copy video clip URL David Armstrong gives his input after receiving news that many will be let go or transferred in order to hire federal officers.

7:28Copy video clip URL Michael Moran explains why he didn’t speak at the meeting, and shares his thoughts on the prison.

8:39Copy video clip URL End



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