[None of the Above raw #16]

This is raw footage of Keoki in Hawaii for "None of the Above," a documentary special focusing on non-voters during the 1996 Presidential primaries. Keoki part 1 of 3.

00:00Copy video clip URL Opening shot of gate into a yard with sign: “No trespassing” and another with “Keep Out. Keoki Ro.”

01:00Copy video clip URL Discussion with Keoki on his farm in Hawaii. He speaks of the work on a taro farm and his role. He speaks about the responsibility to his older generations to keep this farm going and the inheritance that his kids will have in that resonsibility. He also speaks about the importance of poi in the Hawaiian culture and the efforts to preserve the culture in the next generation.

06:00Copy video clip URL Keoki takes Blumberg for a walk on the field, and speaks about the importance of this land in the history of his people. He talks also about the ulu tree, which is also known as breadfruit, then shows the fruit. He speaks about the naming of his children, and how their personalities and interests match the names given to them.

18:07Copy video clip URL Keoki uses a stick to cut an ulu off the tree and then goes on to talk about how the helicopters that are part of the ecotourism industry are invading people’s privacy. He speaks about how everything is done in a spiritual sense when working the land. He says that this work is part of the bloodline. Therefore, the helicopters are disturbing, because this work involves a peace of mind. He says that it is part of an ongoing struggle to maintain rights of his people.

27:28Copy video clip URL Keoki speaks of the “Big 5” sugar cane corporations who have taken over the land in Hawaii, and speaks of how the native Hawaiians handled the migration of Westerners and these corporations.

35:23Copy video clip URL Keoki speaks of the current struggle with the corporations with regard to water use. He notes that this is a repeat of what happened 100 years ago. He says that the people are rising up now, “the kingdom of Hawaii,” and they are uncovering evidence of all the injustices in the overtake of Hawaii. He says that the plan is to take over the land. He speaks of the tension between fighting for rights, becoming political, and maintaining culture.

40:50Copy video clip URL Keoki speaks of being “grassroots” and living simply with the earth, but that he is also starting to take advantage of the benefits of the American system. He also speaks of the awareness that America is beautiful but that the leaders have corrupted the system. He says that this helped him deal with his hatred of America. This occurred through the Dreambuilders Project of Amway. He says that this awareness of the system changed his perspective because he believes the system allows people at the bottom to be financially free. He speaks of the four-eyed monster in economics: Inflation, Income Tax, Interest Rates, and Insurance, and how the Dreambuilders Project has helped get around these challenges.

54:50Copy video clip URL Blumberg shoots some footage of him working in the fields, and he explains the process of flooding the fields.

1:02:07Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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