[None of the Above raw #44]

Raw footage for "None of the Above," a documentary about non-voters in the 1996 presidential election. Shot in the Mission District of Denver.

00:00Copy video clip URL Man says he doesn’t vote because he’s a “working man.” Another man claims that the politicians do not care about the poor, and that’s why he doesn’t vote. Ken Williams from Yakima, WA says that he’s tired of politicians voting themselves a raise and eating lobster dinners while so many eat in the lines.

03:10Copy video clip URL John claims he never voted and never will. Gabriel says that he hopes Clinton doesn’t get re-elected because he doesn’t care. They all chime in with comments such as, “We believe in Jesus and stuff. That’s our government.”

06:45Copy video clip URL Cheryl says she doesn’t vote because she never did and because she’s from South Dakota. Sue also says that she doesn’t vote but doesn’t know why.

09:10Copy video clip URL Man speaks of Bush and Reagan, and how they took things away from people. He says he doesn’t trust politicians because they “don’t do nothin’ for nobody–especially the homeless.” He claims that workers in the shelters steal donations of furniture and food from the people. He says that “one vote does no good.”

13:00Copy video clip URL Mike explains that people don’t vote because they’re afraid that they won’t get what they deserve.

15:10Copy video clip URL Leo explains that he doesn’t vote because he doesn’t see any good outcomes for himself or for anyone who is homeless. Mike and Leo both emphasize that we should not be investing in other countries but should take care of the people here in this country.

19:44Copy video clip URL Big Jesse speaks about the injustice in the system, saying that there should be more parties in politics to represent different groups. He also points out that polling should not be done because it keeps people from being interested in voting so that people think the event is over before election day.

23:02Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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