[None of the Above raw #8]

Skip Blumberg interviews people in Washington DC outside the White House. This is raw footage for "None of the Above," a documentary special focusing on non-voters during the 1996 Presidential primaries.

00:00Copy video clip URL B-roll of the White House front lawn and tourists in front of the fence.

01:00Copy video clip URL Interview with Jerry Dafoe, who is a tour guide. He explains that he is not currently politically active, but that he used to work on Capitol Hill.

05:40Copy video clip URL Interview with Juliet Johnson, a secretary from New Orleans. She explains that she votes and that she does so because it’s her right. She reflects on the past and that so many people fought to get that right, and says that we have a responsibility to vote because of that. She says there’s too much political advertisement on television. She bases her decision on “what they’re going to do for the people.”

12:20Copy video clip URL Interview with Joe, who is a New Yorker training for a new job. He says that voting is very important. He says that it’s sometimes difficult to determine whether politicians are “being real.”

18:10Copy video clip URL Interview with Jerry and Corrine Weisberg who both say that voting is important. He goes on to say that those who are apathetic and choose not to vote are making a mistake. He also says that much of a politician’s image is constructed for “effect” or for political reasons.

20;55 Interview with Greg Miller who is an independent voter, although he leans toward the Republican party. He says that he’s not happy with the choice of candidates, noting that many good people do not enter the race due to the media.

25:15Copy video clip URL Interview with Chris Hewitt, who is visiting from Florida. He notes that he is a Democrat, so he did not vote in the primary. He calls those who don’t vote “ignorant.” He speaks also about the need for our leaders to take interests of all people in mind.

30:52Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with another man in Washington (unnamed). He notes that government works best on a local level, and as it gets more national, it gets less personal and less connected to issues. He notes that we get distracted by the personality of the individual rather than the issues at hand, and calls upon the media to help that process.

37:12Copy video clip URL Interview with Ruth Dawson from Bethesda, MD, whose husband just retired from working in the White House. As a teacher, she thinks it’s important to vote and to teach children about the electoral process. She also notes that the expense to run for President is a big barrier.

42:42Copy video clip URL Interview with another man, who notes that he does not vote, because he’s been skeptical, thinking that his vote doesn’t make a difference. However, he feels like he will change his mind and begin to vote.

48:30Copy video clip URL Mark from San Jose, California, who notes that he already voted, even though he was not very happy with the candidates. He speaks about civil rights, and how liberals and conservatives emphasize different civil rights. He calls for these views to come together.

55:30Copy video clip URL Interview Karen from San Jose, California who works for NASA. She notes that nobody who is running is supporting civil liberties.

1:00:49Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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