Not Just Plastic Horses

The very REAL world of model horses is revealed as some of the hobby's top artists and collectors talk about their passion for the artistry and pageantry of model horse collecting.

00:01Copy video clip URL Montage of horses running, grazing, and being ridden. Program title: “Not Just Plastic Horses.” Elaine Stone, Ginger Rayls, D’arry Jone Franke, Heather Malone, Eleanor Harvey, and Stephanie Macejko talk about collecting model horses and the reasons for wanting to, as well as their love for horses. Footage of horse running, and kids playing with model horses. Commercial for Breyer horses. Footage from a model horse convention. 

3:27Copy video clip URL Various people at the convention describe their first model horse. 

4:20Copy video clip URL Peter Stone talks about the first Breyer horse that was made. People at the convention talk about beginning to go to conventions, read about model horses, and make alterations to the Breyer models. 

7:10Copy video clip URL They talk about the substitution of real horses with Breyer horses, and ways that they fill the space for people who are unable to own or ride a real horse. They discuss famous horses, including High Tower, a celebrity horse.

11:00Copy video clip URL They speak about creating horses as an art form. A couple talks about molding and painting horses. They explain how they make the horses. People at the convention talk about the different standards for making a horse as an art piece. A woman speaks about the divide between functional and hobby owning vs owning as an art object.

19:30Copy video clip URL Stone talks about starting a new company, “Stone Horse,” to compete against the Breyer company with horses that are not toys, but that are purely unique art objects. They speak about the relationship between women and horses, and why people feel so strongly about horses. They speak about the presence of men in collecting. 

24:48Copy video clip URL They speak about the biggest show, North American Nationals with 335 entries. They speak about judging at the show. They show different categories and kinds of horses, including performance and scene building. 

33:20Copy video clip URL They speak about their top competitors and the level of competition. They discuss the value of the horses, and what happens if a horse breaks. They talk about how much money people spend on the horses. People at the convention speak about their other jobs. They speak about the sizes of their collections. Breyer commercial. 

44:10Copy video clip URL People at the convention describe their favorite horses. They speak about the growth of the conventions and collections. They speak about the community of horse collecting. They speak about how it can be a positive hobby for children. A young girl talks about why she likes collecting. Other women at the convention talk about why they choose to collect. 

52:00Copy video clip URL Credits. 

53:06Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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