[Once a Star raw: NBA Legends #17 Dallas]

Raw footage for the 1986 television special "Once a Star" from the 1986 NBA Legends Basketball Game during the All-Star Game. Cazzie Russell (1944-) is interviewed.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars.

01:13Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Cazzie Russell, Jr. Tone can be heard in the left channel.

01:43Copy video clip URL Russell talks about his manager and friend, Fred Slaughter.

03:00Copy video clip URL Producer Tom Weinberg names Russell the most prepared player he’s ever seen, and Russell explains how this attitude has spread to the rest of his life, particularly in coaching. He goes on to talk about how being prepared helps in becoming coach at a university.

05:39Copy video clip URL Russell states that the Madison Square Garden is the best stadium in which to play, because of the crowd, and goes on to list some other favorite venues. Russell attributes his popularity with the crowd to the fact that the crowd knew that he truly enjoyed playing.

07:46Copy video clip URL Russell wants to coach in order to pass on his individuality and determination to younger basketball players. Russell talks about having to fight to be an individual growing up in a rough part of Chicago. “Nothing breeds confidence like success.” In talking about the inspiration he got from his family, he says that his family was very active in the Christian church. Russell later goes on to talk about his work in broadcasting during college, and desire to return to broadcasting college basketball.

11:08Copy video clip URL Russell talks about his good friend Connie Hawkins. Russell thinks it is tough to make solid friends in the NBA. “You try to surround yourself with good friends and good people. And it’s tough to do.” Russell goes on to talk about Pete Maravich’s religious awakening. He also talks about working with basketball coach Hall Grier.

13:51Copy video clip URL When asked if he is the best golfer that played in the NBA, Russell states that Jerry West is a very good golfer.

15:01Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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