[Once a Star raw: NBA Legends #5 Dallas]

Raw footage for the 1986 television special "Once a Star," from the NBA Legends Basketball Game during the 1986 All-Star Weekend. Connie Hawkins (1942-) is interviewed.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:02Copy video clip URL Footage from the Legends locker room. Players are signing basketballs before getting dressed for the game. Cazzie Russell (1944-) enters the locker room and signs each basketball. The players talk with each other, and prepare for the game that will take place later in the day.

01:57Copy video clip URL Tone sounds in the left channel for about twenty-five seconds. The players continue to prepare for the game.

08:04Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Russell in full uniform. He and Weinberg chat about basketball.

10:30Copy video clip URL An interview with Connie Hawkins. Hawkins is excited to be participating in the Legends Game, and talks about the competitiveness he displayed throughout his career. Though retired, Hawkins says he still remains physically active. He found the first year of retirement to be difficult.

13:01Copy video clip URL Hawkins talks about the drastic changes in the NBA, and college basketball. He goes on to say that Wilt Chamberlain was the best player he’d ever seen, and to compare the “basketball high” to sex. When asked if basketball players are the best athletes, Hawkins thinks that they can easily adjust to playing other sports. Hawkins then goes on to talk about the current talent in the NBA and the differences between his generation of NBA players. Hawkins thinks that the amount of money circulating in the NBA is hurting the game, and that it can perpetuate drug use among players. He also believers there to be a lack of discipline in many current players.

19:58Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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