Out From the Wall

30 minute documentary on Tennessee Correction. Followed by interview with Blanton.

1:23Copy video clip URL Out From the Wall documentary begins. 

2:05Copy video clip URL Looking at programs that bring those in the penitentiary out. 95% make it back out to society.

3:22Copy video clip URL Three programs have been established. Correctional Rehabilitation Center, Community Service Program, and Extended Furlough.

6:45Copy video clip URL Gary Grubitz interviewed. He says that people are not serving their full sentence due to overcrowding and low funds. 

9:44Copy video clip URL Carol Marin interviews a group of inmates. 

11:49Copy video clip URL Ron Newsom interviewed. He is the Director of Nashville Community Service Center. Says politics is a problem.

19:01Copy video clip URL Study showed emotional and behavioral improvement among inmates in a program. Those not in a program did not show improvement.

20:45Copy video clip URL Is it a state or national problem? Not enough information to make a solid claim.

21:56Copy video clip URL There are some prison systems that serve as model programs. Carol Marin goes into a prison in Minnesota.

22:29Copy video clip URL The difference between Tennessee and Minnesota, three times more people are incarcerated in Tennessee. 

29:50Copy video clip URL End of Out From the Wall.

30:12Copy video clip URL Governor Blanton interviewed. 

46:50Copy video clip URL End of Tape.



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