Out of Context: Tom Lane, Snowmobiles

An edition of "Out of Context: A Video Magazine of Woodstock" featuring segments about a local musicians and snowmobiles.

00:31Copy video clip URL Title card. Narrator introduces “Out of Context: A Video Magazine of Woodstock.” 

00:51Copy video clip URL A puppet introduces musican Tom Lane. Lane plays a blues song on the harmonica. 

02:43Copy video clip URL Lane talks about his times in prison for drug charges. 

03:55Copy video clip URL Lane plays an anti-war song in the style of Bob Dylan. 

07:18Copy video clip URL Lane talks about his songwriting and his love of rhyming words like “rhyme,” “time,” “mine,” “design,” etc. 

08:37Copy video clip URL Playing casually and chatting. 

10:17Copy video clip URL Another song, followed by more conversation. 

12:15Copy video clip URL Another song. 

15:56Copy video clip URL The puppet returns to introduce a segment on snowmobiles

16:05Copy video clip URL Footage of a snowmobile. 

17:53Copy video clip URL Conversation with the snowmobile’s driver about his vehicle and about snowmobiling more generally.

21:35Copy video clip URL Bob Holsapple, a distributor of Skidoo snowmobiles, talks about them. He estimates there are 1200 snowmobiles in the region and discusses laws regulating noise levels and safety policies.

25:51Copy video clip URL Interview with a member of the town council about policies regarding snowmobile usage. 

29:27Copy video clip URL The puppet returns to announce the changing of reels. 



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