[Patti Smith Group 2/ Ed Davis Band 1]

The end of a concert featuring a performance by the Patti Smith Group of "Gloria" and "Time Is On My Side," followed by a concert featuring the Ed Davis Band.

00:10Copy video clip URL Patti Smith plays guitar and sings. No audio at first. 

01:15Copy video clip URL Smith sings “Gloria.” The crowd cheers. Lenny Kaye plays guitar. Some background chatter is audible at the start of the song. The crowd jumps and sings along with the chorus. 

09:25Copy video clip URL After a lengthy spoken word intro, a version of “Time Is On My Side.” 

14:03Copy video clip URL The Ed Davis Band sets up. Songs by the Sex Pistols play on the sound system. The lead singer introduces the band and tells the crowd they’ll be playing “some modern pop music for you.” 

16:14Copy video clip URL The band plays “The Funeral Party,” which segues into their version of the Kinks’ “You Really Got Me.” 

20:08Copy video clip URL The band plays “Fuck Each Other.” 

23:02Copy video clip URL The band plays “Asshole.” 

27:36Copy video clip URL The band plays “Keith Richards Dead.” 

30:25Copy video clip URL The beginning of another song, cut off by the end of the tape. 



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