[Sloop Clearwater benefit concert]

A folk music concert organized and led by Pete Seeger to benefit the Sloop Clearwater revival.

00:08Copy video clip URL A folk singer plays a song: “They’re not making picture postcards of our cities anymore.”

 03:05Copy video clip URL Another song, an original composition “about a river”: “And the river just keeps flowing on and on / The sun keeps going round to bring the dawn.” 

06:18Copy video clip URL Another song. No image: “Can’t you hear your mama crying?” 

06:50Copy video clip URL Image returns. Song continues: “Real estate investor / subdividing joker / thank you for being so ruthless / you sing your song of supply and demand / even if it means the rape of a million dreams / I know you believe in your fatherland / but can’t you hear your mother cryyyyyying now / might as well have cut a hole in her breast.” 

08:31Copy video clip URL Pete Seeger is in the audience. He turns around and walks in the opposite direction of the stage.

09:20Copy video clip URL A message about the environment and an announcement about a child’s lost wallet.  

10:32Copy video clip URL Another song: “I go down to the reservoir when I’m feeling uptight.” A hand-painted sign about the Clearwater and the Hudson River Sloop Restoration.

12:05Copy video clip URL Pete Seeger at the microphone. He announces Happy and Artie Traum, the next performers. A photographer climbs a ship ladder for a picture. 

12:43Copy video clip URL Happy and Artie Traum play their first song, an upbeat version of Bob Dylan’s “When I Paint My Masterpiece.” 

16:26Copy video clip URL A version of  Woody Guthrie’s”Jackhammer John,” a reworking of “Brown’s Ferry Blues.” 

19:44Copy video clip URL Another song “Sitting, waiting for the boat to Tangiers.” 

23:52Copy video clip URL Seeger in the audience. He walks behind the stage. 

24:15Copy video clip URL Frank Koenig, the mayor of Kingston,  leads the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance and thanks the crowd for their efforts gathering pumpkins for this event. 

25:14Copy video clip URL Seeger plays “This Land Is Your Land.” 

28:06Copy video clip URL A call for volunteers for the following year’s “pumpkin party” and a thank you to the organizer of that year’s festivities. 



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