[Politics of Intimacy: Bonnie 1]

This is raw footage shot for Julie Gustafson's documentary, "The Politics of Intimacy." In this seminal feminist video, ten women address the camera and seemingly each other in a wide-ranging exploration of such previously taboo subjects as women’s sexuality, power, and fears about intimacy. This interview is with Bonnie Hankowitz. Originally shot in 1/2" B & W video.

00:21Copy video clip URL Title card reads “ST. PATRICK’S DAY NEW YORK CITY 1972” 

00:27Copy video clip URL Bonnie, a white woman who appears to be in her early 20s, wears glasses and has long brown hair, discusses being sexually overstimulated.

01:50Copy video clip URL Communicating sexual desires with her partners.

03:25Copy video clip URL The perceived view of female orgasms by men, and whether they deem it important that their female sexual partners have orgasms.

04:12Copy video clip URL The pressures to orgasm and faking climaxes.  

5:10Copy video clip URL Insecurities about showing pleasure during intercourse.

08:07Copy video clip URL Fears around sexuality and of possibly being a “nymphomaniac.”

09:30Copy video clip URL Bonnie shares experiences traveling across country and becoming in touch with self which made her feeling of inadequacy resolve itself.

09:49Copy video clip URL Positive sexual experience changing outlook on sex  

10:58Copy video clip URL Feelings of competitiveness with other women and feeling threatened by them.  

12:00Copy video clip URL Using sexuality and relationships with men to feel superior to other women.   

12:40Copy video clip URL Feeling threatened by women due to being sexuality attractive to them and the conflicted feelings surrounding that attraction. 

13:03Copy video clip URL Feeling more whole in sexual experiences with other women compared to sexual experiences with men.  

13:56Copy video clip URL Less pressure about having orgasms when engaged in sexual experiences with women.   

15:06Copy video clip URL Physical attraction to other women subsiding after sense of competitiveness in female friendships was resolved. 

16:20Copy video clip URL Frigidity, and the pressures to have an orgasm when having intercourse with men.  

17:30Copy video clip URL Bonnie discusses losing her virginity to gain control and her resistance to the influence of her father.

18:00Copy video clip URL The sexual dynamics of male-female relationships.

20:00Copy video clip URL Feelings of guilt about sex.

21:43Copy video clip URL The pressure to turn men on.

23:30Copy video clip URL Knowing what other women like. 

24:00Copy video clip URL Communicating what your sexual needs.  

24:21Copy video clip URL Cut to several still images of a man.

27:18Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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