[Forum on the Young Lords Party]

A meeting between leftists and members of the revolution Young Lords Party discussing their tactics and philosophy. Note: the image quality is low but the audio is fully legible.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape opens with a reading of the poem “Liberty or Death, I Will Be Free.”

00:19Copy video clip URL Performance of the poem “Silver Bullets.”

02:23Copy video clip URL The poem “Weapons Man” 

03:23Copy video clip URL A discussion about the practicality of violence and the presence of guns in protests. “Too much violence can create a kind of fascism, if it fails or if it succeeds.” Worries about violence leading to the deaths of demonstrators. 

05:40Copy video clip URL A member of the Young Lords Party asserts that any efforts to fight back are simply self-defense. 

06:38Copy video clip URL Another attendee discusses the necessity of guns to ensure that authorities provide people with the proper services and do not abuse their power, but that the guns need to be part of a larger structure. 

07:40Copy video clip URL The member of the Young Lords discusses previous actions taking over spaces, and the necessity of guns to ensure that their demands are met. 

09:37Copy video clip URL A comment from the audience on the difference between scaring people into short term gains and “getting people onto your side.” Back and forth about the size of the fight and the shared condition of the oppressed.

12:08Copy video clip URL A discussion of the devastation caused by U.S. imperialism, and the idea that the Young Lords’ fight is shared by revolutionaries around the world. 

15:20Copy video clip URL Worries about police reprisals. The Young Lords’ organizer asserts that he doesn’t like being pushed around, and that the police are not invincible.

16:43Copy video clip URL The Young Lords don’t care whether white Americans support or approve of their actions. 

18:10Copy video clip URL Discussion of police abuses and of previous actions of the Young Lords, including taking over Lincoln Hospital.



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