[Rocks / Dudley in Evergreen]

Images of young children and families playing in nature, followed by a movement study featuring Dudley Evenson.

00:00Copy video clip URL Children playing in a field. Buses and vans are parked next to the dirt road on the edge of the field. Adults stand around. The children turn cartwheels. 

06:40Copy video clip URL The inside of a bus that has been set up as a dining room. An elderly man plays a violin while the children hang around the buses. 

07:53Copy video clip URL Dudley Evenson, naked and pregnant, dances and sways in the woods. 

21:11Copy video clip URL A cat approaches Dudley. Dudley pets the cat and starts doing yoga. 

25:26Copy video clip URL Wearing a robe, Dudley poses in the sun. 

32:06Copy video clip URL Close-ups of Dudley. 

35:32Copy video clip URL Wearing a bathing suit, Dudley dances and plays with a young child. She meditates. 

45:45Copy video clip URL Images of plants. 



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