[Ryan Beaupre funeral]

A brief segment expressing the love and support shown following Ryan Beaupre's death in the Iraq War, and an overview of his outstanding character and childhood in St. Anne, IL.

0:00Copy video clip URL Opens on a shot of St. Anne, IL. Voice-over shares details of Ryan Beaupre’s death in Iraq, and how it affected the town. A woman says a few words about knowing Beaupre.

1:10Copy video clip URL Segment talks about how seriously St. Anne takes military service, and the town’s continued support for the troops at war and the Beaupre family. The mayor talks about the nature of small-town support.

2:25Copy video clip URL Voice-over touches upon Beaupre’s childhood as a valued student and athlete throughout grade school and college. Some of his past teachers and friends share a few words about Beaupre’s character.

4:13Copy video clip URL Mayor talks about the awareness Beaupre’s death has brought to the community. Footage from Beaupre’s funeral. A fellow Marine talks about the honor in bringing Beaupre home.

6:00Copy video clip URL Extra b-roll from the segment.

6:27Copy video clip URL End



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