[Skip Blumberg with Danny Schechter]

In this raw tape, Skip Blumberg shoots on the streets of New York for The 90's, asking people about the upcoming presidential election. At the same time, Danny Schechter and a camera crew shoot Skip for a Globalvision video training tape. Most of the tape is Skip shooting Schechter's crew as they interview him. Skip gives simple and clear explanations of the principles that guide his shooting (i.e., one should not look through the viewfinder but should instead learn to shoot without thinking about it).

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a shot of a George Washington statue in New York. Filmmaker Skip Blumberg gathers some footage from the streets of New York.

00:34Copy video clip URL Blumberg interviews Schechter for the 90’s. Schechter talks about President George H. W. Bush and labels him as “inept.” Blumberg also speaks with a few NYU film students about their experience at the school. They go on to talk about some of the more modern camera equipment. This lasts for several minutes.

08:11Copy video clip URL Three High School students approach Blumberg and express their interest in appearing in Blumberg’s footage. Blumberg eventually asks them about President Bush. One student labels him as “slimy” and “oily.” Schechter then speaks to the students as well.

03:11Copy video clip URL The Globalvision film crew flims Blumberg as he shoots footage for the 90’s. Blumberg interviews a man about his views on the upcoming Presidential elections, specifically his views on President Bush and what he believes are the most important issues for the election. The Globalvision crew asks Blumberg about his experience filming for the 90’s. Blumberg talks about his camera and filming techniques. Blumberg also speaks to a few other people about their thoughts on the President. This lasts for several minutes.

13:36Copy video clip URL Blumberg goes into more detail about his history and expertise with home video equipment. Blumberg states that camera operating is a “mental and a physical thing.” He talks about the preparations and propcedures that take place before, during, and after filming. Afterward, the filmmakers talk with one another to pass the time. This lasts for several minutes.

24:10Copy video clip URL Blumberg and Schechter speak to a friend about George Bush. The woman also makes a few comments on Blumberg’s work as a videographer. The woman labels Blumberg as “incredibly creative” and “spontaneous.” Skip makes conversation with his friend after she says her kind words.

29:39Copy video clip URL Blumberg speaks about the thrill that comes along with making a television show and expressing his freedom of speech. He goes on to talk about the production that goes into making a film. Blumberg also does an introduction for the Globalvision crew. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

37:45Copy video clip URL Tape ends.


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  1. Skip Blumberg says:

    Remembering Danny. And tape.

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