A dance video that blends imagery inspired by Kabuki theater with image processing techniques.

Barbara Sykes’ description of the video: 

Kalyian was inspired by the blind princess from the island of Samar, a freedom fighter and the founder of Kali, a Philippine martial art. Kalyian is a modern-day personification of the female warrior spirit. It depicts the timeless battle of women, whose inherent warrior qualities are first fought, then realized, and eventually developed into harmony with the total self. It is the same force that gives women of this nature the strength to survive and succeed. Kalyian depicts both a primordial and futuristic sensibility, combining broadcast post-production effects with techniques drawn from Kabuki Theater, dance and Kali. 

00:19Copy video clip URL Opening title.

00:31Copy video clip URL Kalyian begins. A video that blends dance with image processing techniques

9:15Copy video clip URL End credits.



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