[Tattoo 5 – Long Island Tattoo Studio]

Footage of Peter Poulos, a tattoo artist, working on subjects in his tattoo parlor on Long Island, NY. Produced for the documentary Tattoo, by Susan Milano.

00:01Copy video clip URL A young man takes off his shirt and Peter Poulos, a tattoo artist, prepares to apply ink. There’s already a tattoo on his arm, reading “Viet Nam! 70-71.”

01:02Copy video clip URL Jumping forward to halfway through the tattooing. The artist uses the electric needle on the man’s right shoulder. 

04:04Copy video clip URL Videomaker Susan Milano asks the young man how he decided on the design: a dragon whose claws reach onto the “Viet Nam” tattoo. He talks about getting his first tattoo at 18. 

05:40Copy video clip URL Why he gets tattoos. “Pretty hard to explain. I just like ’em!” Not knowing what to expect the first time he got a tattoo.

07:42Copy video clip URL Cut to the design, nearly complete. Discussion of the price of tattoos. 

13:08Copy video clip URL The finished tattoo. Peter discusses the healing process. The young man likes it. Peter is thinking of the man’s next tattoo design, a demon’s head. 

14:47Copy video clip URL Other tattoos on the man, including a “henchman” – a cartoon design – and a skull that’s “sloppily done.”

15:46Copy video clip URL Another man getting a tattoo from Peter. It’s his first tattoo, his fiancée’s name

21:36Copy video clip URL Another tattoo subject, getting a design on his right arm of a cute cartoon devil. 

31:04Copy video clip URL Close-up of Peter working on a subject. 



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