The $64,000 Question – The Buick Berle Show

The beginning of the tape features an episode of The $64,000 Question. Three returning players answer questions about Sherlock Holmes and the oceans in order to win money. The second half of the tape contains an episode of The Buick Berle Show. His special guests are Vic Damone, Jackie Cooper, Dagmar, and Denise Darcel who all express comedic dissatisfaction over the script for the show. Both programs are sure to draw a chuckle.

0:00Copy video clip URL Gray screen.

0:02Copy video clip URL The $64,000 Question. Returning players Bobbie and Thomas O’Rourke are introduced.

0:32Copy video clip URL “Revlon, the greatest name in cosmetics” presents the $64,000 Question.

0:44Copy video clip URL Host Hal March enters the stage during his introduction.

1:53Copy video clip URL Captain Richard McCutheon, a previous winner, says he “came to help celebrate the program’s first anniversary.” Joyce Brothers and Billy Pearson bring out a cake, and former winner Gloria Lockerman blows out the candle.

4:00Copy video clip URL First guest Mrs. Bobbie O ‘Rourke competes. Her key knowledge is Sherlock Holmes, and she wins $32,000.

9:43Copy video clip URL Bobbie’s husband Captain Thomas O ‘Rourke competes on Sherlock Holmes knowledge and also wins $32,000.

15:15Copy video clip URL Peter Boykin, an old whale hunter with a long beard, competes using his knowledge of the ocean. He wins $1000, $2000 and $4000 questions. This guy is a real character.

21:00Copy video clip URL Host shakes hands with big winners over the past years as show ends.

21:17Copy video clip URL End of The Revlon $64,000 Question program. Long pause.

21:51Copy video clip URL “The Buick Berle Show” opening. Berle drives a Buick with the cast through the streets. Guests today are Vic Damone, Jackie Cooper, Dagmar, and Denise Darcel.

22:40Copy video clip URL Berle narrates the intro for the show. “Tonight we’re gonna take you backstage and show you how a television show is put together from the first day of rehearsal to the night it goes on.”

25:05Copy video clip URL Segment with Berle joking with his adoring secretary. Jackie Cooper arrives as himself. The skit focuses Berle’s inability to get a rehearsal together for his show.

29:27Copy video clip URL Denise Darcel enters as herself and Berle flirts with her.

32:05Copy video clip URL Audio drops out.

32:35Copy video clip URL Audio back in. Dagmar arrives.

37:04Copy video clip URL Dagmar and Denise Darcel give Berle’s secretary advice for making Berle jealous so that he wants her. Very outdated social talk here.

38:31Copy video clip URL Berle and guests meet at the Radio City Luncheonette, now also including Vic Damone.

42:05Copy video clip URL Berle introduces a song by singer Vic Damone.

43:44Copy video clip URL Berle signs off and end credits.

44:18Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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  1. Russell Merritt says:

    Just to let you know I’d definitely be interested in your $64,000 Question/ Buick Berle videotape — either for purchase or for viewing on line.

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