[The 90’s raw: pro-choice demonstration]

Holland tunnel, Pro-choice, Civil disobedience #2. Skip Blumberg interviews demonstrators, police officers, and media at a pro-choice demonstration in Chicago.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:02Copy video clip URL Legal observer Lesley Thrope who says she is at the protest as a sign of support. “No, I don’t have faith in the legal system. I have faith that people can change it.” The demonstration for Pro Choice is held in New York City, around Broome Street and Varick near the Holland Tunnel.

01:03Copy video clip URL Videographer Skip Blumberg interviews a photographer from Jersey. He didn’t know what to expect. He thinks he got some good shots. He’s not sure what to make of the protest and realizes there are two sides to every story. He says, “I’m sure they feel strongly about their cause either way and there willing to get arrested and do what it takes to get publicity.” He says the protesting are demonstrating for Pro Choice.

02:20Copy video clip URL Various b-roll of the demonstration, police officers standing by. Demonstrators get arrested as they chant “abortion is health care. Health care is a right.”

03:04Copy video clip URL Demonstrators are carried by their bound hands and feet by police officers and brought into a police vehicle.

04:20Copy video clip URL Two women named Mary McConnell and Jaime Comer are arrested. One shouts, “I’m going to the seventh precinct. that’s my lucky number!” Another shouts, “My daughter is not going to have to do this.”

05:25Copy video clip URL New York City police officer shares his opinion on how he feels the demonstration went. “A lot of us agree with the point. We just want it done safely.” A man communicates to a central command station via walkie talkie

07:43Copy video clip URL Police officers and sanitation workers clean the street after the rally. Various b-roll, traffic resumes through the Holland Tunnel.

09:25Copy video clip URL Two men are arrested. As Blumberg attempts to shoot the incident, he is threatened with being arrested.

09:45Copy video clip URL Legal observer Wyeth McAdam shoots an interview with a videographer. She says of the day, “I thought it was very confusing, but it looks like, it was pretty peaceful.” She says she wasn’t planning on participating, just observing from the side. She chit chats friendly with Blumberg. She says they’re shooting for New York Civil Liberties Union. She’s a college intern. She said it was hard to see the protestors because all the police were surrounding them .”We just to make sure there’s no abuse or force.” She says emotionally it was difficult. There are other things we can do to help women obtain legal abortions.

12:19Copy video clip URL Blumberg interviews a videographer about his “man cam,” a camera mounted on a long pole that allows him to shoot over a crowd. Blumberg tells him he’s missed the demonstration. They chit chat non-directionally.

13:38Copy video clip URL End video.

15:10Copy video clip URL End tape.



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