[The 90’s raw: Eddie Tape #111 – Democratic convention]

Eddie Tape #111. Democratic convention. Becker at the 1992 Democratic National Convention, various interviews.

00:00Copy video clip URL At the 1992 Democratic National Convention in New York City, a crowd of Jerry Brown supporters chants, “Save our party!”

00:37Copy video clip URL Bob Fitrakis introduces himself as the Floor Whip for Brown’s Ohio delegation. He says that they are trying to rebuild this party grass roots, show people we can do this without the money of millionaires. He says he uses a headset to communicate with Brown headquarters, coordinating creative ways to make this convention real for grassroots activists. Fitrakis adds that as far as he knows Governor brown is not here yet, but he is coming and there will be a demonstration. Until Brown is allowed to speak, he says, the delegates will be resolute in their demonstration.

02:26Copy video clip URL Director Oliver Stone delivering a speech at the podium. He appeals to the importance of healthcare and proper national behavior. He notes the Democrats historically have been able to make change.

04:07Copy video clip URL The crowd cheers as Stone finishes his speech.

04:20Copy video clip URL Interview with Corinne Sutter from Rochester, New York. She thinks the convention is frustrating, because there’s “so much party atmosphere” that people aren’t taking the problems of the country seriously. There’s an atmosphere of “ignore it all.” The people here don’t represent all the people in the country including the powerless and disenfranchised.

07:44Copy video clip URL The convention: crowds listen to speeches, hold signs reading Clinton, Brown, Tsongas.

08:45Copy video clip URL A convention attendee encourages young people to vote. Continued b-roll of the convention, the sea of attendees, delegates, and journalists.

10:08Copy video clip URL Actor Don Novello is in the crowd, clapping for a speaker.

10:29Copy video clip URL Video drop outs. Stop/re-start digitizing.

11:58Copy video clip URL Oliver Stone, who is now in the crowd among the attendees, answers questions from multiple journalists. He comments on his disappointment in Brown’s speech but notes he likes his platform: cutting costs, energy plans. He thought it was a mellow speech. He sounded like Jackson or Kennedy which is disappointing because “he’s different.”

14:15Copy video clip URL Another man in the crowd notes that Brown, in his speech, didn’t attack the Democratic leadership. There’s no point in running if you’re going to do that. The Democratic leadership gave Bush the war power.

14:51Copy video clip URL Sign wavers, Brown supporters.

15:12Copy video clip URL A convention attendee with headsets says Jerry Brown just got nominated for the Office of Presidency.

15:42Copy video clip URL Interview with actor Don Novello, noted for playing the Saturday Night Live character Father Guido Sarducci. He says he is a delegate from California for Jerry Brown. He thought Brown’s speech was great. He talked about money and that’s what it’s all about, plus about things no one else is addressing. He says this isn’t democratic at all. All the decisions are made behind closed doors.

19:46Copy video clip URL B-roll of Tsongas supporters waving signs and clapping.

20:15Copy video clip URL A Tsongas supporter says “This Tsongas is a cool guy.” A Brown support says we’re trying to support Tsongas the way Tsongas supporters supported us when Jerry spoke.

21:05Copy video clip URL Senator John Glenn being interviewed. The journalist is asking if there’s a parallel between what Columbus did in 1492 and what Glenn did in outer space. As Glenn notes that he supposed some people might draw parallels, the videographer walks away and wanders through crowds backstage and on the convention floor.

23:31Copy video clip URL Interview with Mary Perry, a Clinton delegate from the 4th District of North Carolina. She says this is a learning experience for her and she’s proud to be on the Clinton-Gore ticket. She says in her district the people need jobs and the children need education. Healthcare is another big issue for them.

24:40Copy video clip URL Video drop outs. Stop/re-start digitizing. Perry says she wants to see Clinton as President.

25:05Copy video clip URL Interview with Mabel Williams from Fayetteville, North Carolina who says the issue of sexual abuse has been brought out in the pen likes it’s never been before.

26:23Copy video clip URL Backstage at the convention the videographer interviews Tony Rodham, brother of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Rodham notes he is a private investigator in Miami, Florida. His clients are criminal defense attorneys. H says the convention has been fun, it’s the culmination of a lot of work going State to State. He talks about the message of hope in Clinton’s speech. Clinton is the one who can deliver what he says he can do. He says his sister has been given a bad rap. She wants to be able to talk about the issues that are near and dear to her and to Bill.

29:10Copy video clip URL Video drop outs. Stop/re-start digitizing. Rodham sings praises for Hillary and Bill Clinton and his frustration in seeing people give his sister a bad rap. He also says the criminal defense system in the US needs more support. He notes that in the convention he is a Cluster Whip, he communicates what comes from the trailer to the whip delegates on the floor so we can get things done when we need to.

32:45Copy video clip URL Rodham gives an interview to a journalist from public radio. Rodham says the bad rap that his sister and brother-in-law get make him wonder where it all originates. He thinks the media should never publicize anything they can’t substantiate. “Since when has the national press taken the word of a tabloid?” He feels the public should be allowed to hear the candidate’s ideas for themselves and make their own decisions. He finds the innuendos of the press a disgrace.

36:18Copy video clip URL Videographer follows Rodham onto the convention floor

36:34Copy video clip URL A group of conventioneers, Claudia Milne, Mark Teitelbaum, and  Julie Young, are trading campaign and Government Agency pins. They discuss which one’s are rare and valuable. Some include CIA , FBI, Secret Service. Milne says she was offered one-hundred dollars for her CIA pin. She says she’s a student studying American history and politics. Young buys a pin from Teitelbaum.

39:54Copy video clip URL Change of location. Outside the post office on 8th Avenue, New York City, demonstrators marching against police brutality.

41:16Copy video clip URL Police carry a demonstrator through a crowd of on-lookers and journalists into a patrol wagon.

42:30Copy video clip URL A protestor holds a sign that reads ‘Amerikkkan Justice.’

42:50Copy video clip URL Confrontation between demonstrators and police. Police try to move the crowd in a certain direction.

44:54Copy video clip URL An NBC mobile news station. On-lookers watch the demonstration. The demonstration from inside a building looking down on the street below.

45:42Copy video clip URL Change of location. Back in the convention. Various b-roll of conventioneers milling about, chatting. A woman starts to say what she was reading in Newsweek magazine about Hillary Clinton when the audio signal disappears.

46:38Copy video clip URL The audio signal returns. The woman continues reading aloud the Newsweek article, but audio signal interference prevents her words from being recorded. The audio comes in and out as the woman reads a quote from Margaret Thatcher that women should lighten their hair after a certain age.

47:03Copy video clip URL Betty Aberlin in a blond wig. She walks onto  the convention floor. Various b-roll of action on the convention floor. People cheer as Al Gore gives a speech. Jesse Jackson and Mario Cuomo in the audience, listening to the speech. Someone holds a sign ‘Legalize Marijuana.’

49:24Copy video clip URL Aberlin and the conventioneers listen to Gore’s speech.

50:46Copy video clip URL Video drop outs. Stop/re-start digitizing. The crowd cheers as Paul Simon’s song “You Can Call Me Al” plays. The crowd  claps in rhythm. Aberlin dances for the camera.

54:02Copy video clip URL Slow, smooth R&B song plays as the crowd dances.

55:00Copy video clip URL The crowd watches a Democrat promotion video.

55:25Copy video clip URL The crowd cheers in anticipation of seeing Bill Clinton speak. Clinton appears on stage to make his speech, accepting the nomination for President.

56:30Copy video clip URL Clinton in mid-speech. In response, Aberlin, in the audience, makes cynical comments to the videographer. She starts reading his speech word-for-word as Clinton reads. She apparently has procured a copy and reads off a printed page. Clinton begins by saying “I wanted to come back to this convention and finish that speech I started four years ago.” He thanks colleagues, including Jerry Brown, and talks about his hopes for the future. He notes the importance of America having high skilled jobs. He formally accepts the nomination for President and the crowd cheers. He assures the working class they will not be forgotten when he is President. “It’s time to change America!”  He notes 10 million Americans are out of work, and adds that the current President will soon be joining those in the unemployment line. Clinton tells of his childhood and that never met his father who was killed before he was born. He tells of  his humble middle-class beginnings.

01:03:51Copy video clip URL Tape ENDS in mid-speech.



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