[The 90’s Election Specials raw: DNC 2]

Raw footage shot for The 90's election specials. This tape features footage inside and outside Madison Square Garden before the Democratic National Convention begins, including a speech by Mayor David Dinkins and several protests and performances.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage from around New York and Madison Square Garden. A cab driver says that the convention is good for business. After talking with friends outside, videomaker Skip Blumberg enters the Garden for the pre-convention. Setup is underway for the convention.

07:08Copy video clip URL Footage from outside Madison Square Garden. Demonstrators from Act-Up chant to “tell the truth about AIDS.” A group lies down in front a movie being screened. They cover themselves with newspapers with bloody handprints. They march and chant with continuing “die-ins.”

18:00Copy video clip URL A policeman seeks out a supervisor and they make plans regarding the protestors. Footage from food stands, one selling hamburger tacos. Blumberg stays with Mayor David Dinkins.

26:20Copy video clip URL Mayor Dinkins speaks with reporters, expressing optimism for the convention. He answers a question from Children’s Express, a group which produces reporting by and for children.

31:00Copy video clip URL Mayor Dinkins addresses the crowd and introduces Alexis Herman.

35:00Copy video clip URL Costumed dancers perform a traditional dance while a group of percussionists provide the rhythm. A band plays Cajun music. Two Chinese dragons dance.

43:49Copy video clip URL A double dutch team performs. A large brass and percussion group perform as well.

45:22Copy video clip URL Curtis Sliwa and other Guardian Angles speak with reporters and monitor the crowds. Lisa Evers talks to Blumberg, asking, “What women’s aspect of the convention?” She says that women should support female candidates and that demographics of elected officials should mirror those of the population.

49:01Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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