[The 90’s Election Specials raw: RNC #1]

Raw footage for the television show "The 90's." Onscreen personality Stoney Burke does pre-convention commentary at the Houston Astrodome during the Republican National Convention.

00:00Copy video clip URL Videomaker Bob Hercules tests equipment.

01:59Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Stoney Burke as he sings a song about the city of Houston outside of the Astrodome prior to the Republican National Convention in 1992. Burke comments disparagingly about the Republican Party and the state of Texas. He goes on to criticize Pat Buchanan for undercutting David Duke during the primaries. He also criticizes George Bush on having become President after being head of the CIA.

05:46Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Stoney Burke outside of the Houston Astrodome. The audio has cut out during this portion of the tape. Hercules gets a few nice shots of the Astrodome from afar, including a banner that reads “1992 Republican National Convention.”

07:29Copy video clip URL The sound cuts back in as Hercules gathers more footage from outside of the Astrodome.

07:59Copy video clip URL Cut back to Stoney Burke who continues to criticize the President and the Republican Party. Hercules gathers a few shots of an elephant made out of greenery.

09:26Copy video clip URL Hercules follows Burke as he makes his way inside the Astrodome. “Come, if you will, into a world where you’re not welcome.” Burke continues to make disparaging comments about the Republican Party and the convention. Hercules gathers footage from inside the arena.

12:16Copy video clip URL Burke walks closer to the floor as Hercules shoots him from afar. Burke eventually steps out of camera view but can he heard talking about President George H.W. Bush’s speech to take place on the last day of the convention. Hercules eventually finds Burke in front of the large podium at the front of the area. Hercules gets a shot of Pat Buchanan at the podium with a few of his associates, presumably going over proceedings for the convention. Burke says a few things about Pat Buchanan and then asks him if he’ll be running in 1996. Buchanan gestures at his sister, Bay Buchanan, who gives numerous thumbs up to Burke. After the exchange, Burke then states, “See, he is so out of touch with reality that he couldn’t answer a simple question like ‘are you going to run or not?’ I mean, who are we going to depend on in the twentieth century. Stoney. You. Get out and vote. Look what happens when you don’t.” More footage of Buchanan at the podium.

18:01Copy video clip URL A reporter shoots a news piece at the convention.

19:51Copy video clip URL Burke refers to the RNC as a “funny farm.” Hercules gets a shot of the network hubs at the convention. Burke heads backstage towards the podium. Burke jokes, “We’re going to put a little love bomb underneath the podium and when it explodes, George Bush will take off all his clothes and be totally butt-naked.”

22:08Copy video clip URL From atop the stage, Burke addresses the empty arena as President of the United States and calls for a “20 dollar economy.” “You take all the money away from all the people in this building and give them all twenty dollar bills. Everything costs twenty bucks, and your chance is always twenty bucks.” Burke continues to criticize the RNC. Burke states that they tried to get to the actual podium but that the secret service cut him off.

25:33Copy video clip URL Cut to members of an orchestra tuning and testing their instruments before the convention begins. Hercules speaks with a television crew member about his work at the convention.

28:45Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Burke as he interviews a television crew member who is handling an RF Transmitter. He talks about his experience in working with the specific piece of equipment.

30:25Copy video clip URL Burke tries to tell a few humorous anecdotes while standing in front of the large podium at the front of the hall. Hercules continues to gather footage from around the area.

31:55Copy video clip URL Burke, now outside of the convention, goes over the rules for rally demonstrations near the convention. He speaks with a woman about a promotion she and her cohorts are putting together for the book “The Case For Hanging Errant Public Officials” by James Farrell. The woman calls for all voters to read the book before they vote. “It basically is covering a lot of things that have gone wrong for a lot of years…We seem to do politics by crisis intervention only and not long term planning and we need to really look at where we were and where we’re going before we make some decisions.”

34:11Copy video clip URL Once again, Burke stands upon the stage at the Republican National Convention and refers to it at the “Republican Scam Convention.” He continues to make disparaging remarks about the Republican Party. Burke eventually makes his way onto the podium which he had been denied access to earlier in the day. Burke ends up spending a good amount of time on the podium making humorous commentary on the process behind putting the convention together.

43:14Copy video clip URL From atop of the podium, Hercules gets a shot of Burke in the distance as he comments on the convention. “Yes, I believe that we as a people must act in unison as human beings to love each other and care about each other, to end this squabble of political apartheid that we’ve got here.” Hercules gets a wide shot of the entire stage as Burke goes on to tout his idea for a $20 economy. Burke is eventually asked to leave the stage due to an upcoming press conference. This is followed by more footage from the floor.

47:09Copy video clip URL Burke approaches one of the President’s associates and asks her about the campaign. She refers to the election as a “war” and says that “all is fair in love and war.” Burke makes a few remarks about her comments. This is followed by footage from the large TV screens at the convention playing a montage featuring patriotic music.

52:05Copy video clip URL Those in attendance are welcomed to the RNC. Republican National Committeeman Rich Bond is introduced. Bond gets a round of applause and welcomes everyone to the event. Only those who have worked in putting the convention together are in attendance. Bond offers his thanks for their hard work. A tape recording of a thank you from President George Bush plays through the speaker system. Bush speaks for several minutes and is difficult to understand due to the distortion on the phone. Burke eventually comments on the ovation Bush’s recording receives.

01:02:38Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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