[The 90’s Election Specials raw: RNC #8]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Comedian / political commentator Stoney reports on the 1992 Republican National Convention in Houston. He speaks with numerous politicians and attendees including Robert Novak, Gerald McRaney, Jack Kemp, Al D'Amato, and Oliver North. Burke is also seen at a National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) protest outside of the convention.

00:00Copy video clip URL Interview with a disheveled Dean Tuckerman outside of the Houston Astrodome. He says he has no views on abortion and rambles on about the Republican Party and Pat Buchanan. Tuckerman then invites his two friends, Robin and Bruce, into the interview. Robin wears a shirt that says “Burn Hollywood Burn” and Bruce wears “Make Love on Drugs not War on Drugs.” When asked for solutions to the many problems in the country, Bruce calls for a social revolution. The three then talk about their visit to River Oaks, Texas, a city with a demographic primarily made up of the upper class. Tuckerman eventually says to “kill them all.”

04:08Copy video clip URL Burke begins to interview two protesters about their support for abortion rights. When asked to define “family values” according to the Republican point of view, the woman laughs at the question and responds, “I don’t think that any one person’s ideal of family values should overflow onto other people’s ideas.”

07:57Copy video clip URL Burke speaks with Tom Swaney and his friend about his support for abortion rights. The two talk about the hate coming from the right wing. “I see a lot of hate coming from them and I think they finally realized that if they don’t keep the White House, they’ve got no limos, they’ve got no state dinners to go to, and after that I guess their wondering where our contributions are going to come from.” Videomaker Bob Hercules then gathers more footage from around the rally, eventually recording a large military vehicle with a rocket attached to it. On the side of the large tank-like machine, there are two signs that read “Jail Neil Bush” and “Uphold Family Values.” Hercules also gets some footage of a National Rifle Association (NRA) billboard and police driving through the area.

11:22Copy video clip URL Burke makes his way back to Day 3 of the RNC, where Marilyn Quayle addresses the audience.

12:12Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Vice President Dan Quayle. Burke tries to get a word with him from about fifteen feet away. “Dan! Dan! Good luck in November. Hey, how do you spell reelection?” Actor Gerald McRaney is seen sitting next to Quayle. Also seen are: former President Gerald Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger at the convention.

17:01Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of Oliver North at the convention. Burke gets right in North’s face and confronts him about the Iran-Contra scandal. North speaks with him briefly, but eventually dismisses Burke’s comments.

19:59Copy video clip URL Burke speaks with a convention attendee about his views on the “circus” aspect of political conventions; he thinks that circus element is derived from strong enthusiasm from supporters. Burke goes on to ask the man if he thinks the media is too liberal, to which the man replies, “Well the media is always too liberal because they’re always looking to fix things, and every time you’re asking that question, you’re on the left.” Burke also asks Gerald McRaney about the Bush administration’s attack on the arts. McRaney doesn’t feel the arts are being attacked and responds, “When I see them, I’ll let you know.” Burke then comments on the television show “Major Dad.” More footage of Dan Quayle and his family watching the convention. Burke tries to get Gerald Ford’s attention to ask him a question, but only receives a hand wave. Burke continues to speak with people around the convention.

24:44Copy video clip URL Burke tries to get a word with Jack Kemp. When Kemp hears that Burke is a PBS correspondent, he mockingly states that he’s shocked. Burke then confronts Kemp about fighting the homelessness crisis in America. Kemp talks about his aid in putting forth a bill to create more homeless shelters in the country. Kemp and Burke debate before Kemp moves along. Burke comments on the hypocrisy of the Republican Party and then gets confronted by a Republican supporter.

26:52Copy video clip URL Writer Steven Bradley gets interrogated by a group of security, despite his credentials. Adorned in a shirt that reads, “Nobody Knows That I’m HIV Positive,” his presence brings about a stir. Bradley was apparently detained by security on the convention floor strictly due to his t-shirt. He speaks with another reporter about the reception he received out on the floor.

29:34Copy video clip URL Burke explains the situation to the viewing audience. Security is now refusing entry to Bradley. He continues to speak with other reporters about the situation and states that his shirt made people uncomfortable. The man goes on to reveal that he is actually HIV positive. Burke asks him about the Republican definition of family values. “I mean, it feels like if you do not do it one way, then you are wrong you know, and that’s the dogma that they preach it seems… I don’t feel welcomed nor included in this particular party.” Bradley then states that he wanted the shirt to bring attention to the AIDS crisis.

32:56Copy video clip URL Cut back to the convention floor, including a shot of Marilyn Quayle. Burke then speaks with Senator Al D’Amato about the conservative Right and the RNC. Their conversation gets very heated after Burke calls D’Amato a “high priced politician.” “Where the hell do you get the nerve of calling me a high priced politician?” D’Amato continues and calls Burke a jackass multiple times. Another reporter cuts in and says that Burke interrupted his interview.

35:34Copy video clip URL Burke briefly speaks with Sonny Bono once again. Shortly afterward, Burke tries to get a word with John McLaughlin of The McLaughlin Group. The sound is a little rough during this portion of the tape. Burke asks McLaughlin if he is secretly a Democrat. He says there is no truth the rumor and that he is an Independent. He and Burke talk about the election. McLaughlin states that if George Bush were to lose the election, it would be because of the economy. He then does a quick station I.D. for “The 90’s,” after which Burke is approached by a Berkeley student who is a fan of Burke’s work. However, their exchange is interrupted by the reporter who earlier in the tape stated that Burke interrupted his interview with Senator D’Amato. The tape ends shortly afterward.

39:50Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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